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Jamie Marleau

Hello! I’m Jamie. My love for art and creating has inspired me for as long as I can remember. As a kid I was obsessed with abstract art. To me, hair is a moving, organic form of art, changing everyday with mood, fashion, and even the weather. Hair says who you are without words, it’s a universal language. 


At 17 I enrolled at the Professional Academy of Hair Design. During my time there I entered the Picasso’s Salon Soirée contest for local hair students and to my surprise, I  was awarded a full scholarship to the Picasso’s Advanced Academy. The training and mentoring I received was essential for the creative path I was on. I was able to train in New York and L.A. (Where I was an ambassador for I.C.O.N). Years later, I moved to Toronto and worked at the prestigious Holt Renfrew Salon. After learning so many valuable skills I moved back home to the Niagara Region and began to work from home, and now 10 years later, here I am opening Haus of Marleau.

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Hello! My name is Ayla . I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach, working from the GTA to the Niagara Region. I hold a York University psychology degree, but my love and passion for living a healthy and balanced life made fitness and nutrition my true calling. I have always had a passion for the human body and how the food we eat can directly affect our overall health, mental state, and wellbeing. I focus on supporting each individual and their biochemical uniqueness. I look for the underlying cause of imbalance and illness rather than just “bandaging” the symptoms people may experience. As a Holistic Nutritionist I take into consideration the mind, body, and spirit as different elements that all need to be addressed to assist in overall well-being. 


You can either find me reading the latest book about holistic nutrition and remedies, or in the gym getting a workout in. I love to teach my clients how to make the right choices for a healthy lifestyle and create balance, rather than just follow a fad diet. If we don’t focus on nourishing our bodies now, we will spend a lifetime using our wealth to pay for our health. Focusing on nourishing our bodies from within will truly help flourish us externally!



* All services with Ayla will be conducted online or over the telephone *

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